We at King Lambie Productions have a dream which you can help us create. We want to create an archive, or catalogue, of all you Scottish (or honorary Scottish!) people out there.

Since we set up in May 2013 we have had the chance to meet and talk to a variety of different people from all areas of Scotland. We have been to places as far north as Keith in Moray, rural schools, community radio stations on the top of university buildings, we have met students, academics, radio enthusiasts, old people, young people, you name it. It has made us realise not only how diverse this country is but also the fact that everybody has a story to tell, even you. 

Our resident tech wiz and ideas man, Cameron King, has created a fantastic platform here for you to tell us your stories. What we are looking for is a short 3 minute interview with your interviewee telling us their story; who they are, where they are from, what they do. Something of interest!

Along with the piece of audio you should send a lovely big smiley picture of your interviewee so we can add it to our mosaic of happy Scottish residents.

If you are worried about the technicalities of interviewing someone, then worry no more. We have a step by step guide to creating one of our #100faces right here

Let’s fill this website up – happy interviewing!

Cameron & Gillian