Step 1: Find someone with a story to tell!

This could be your Mum, your Dad, your Granny, your teacher, your boss, your cat (well, maybe not!) Someone who you think has a story to tell. Where are they from? What do they do? 

Step 2: Get out your mobile phone.

Everybody has one. Almost. Get it out and find the onboard recorder, or alternatively download Audioboom. Make sure you know what you want to ask. Hit record!

Step 3: Make sure you ask them to introduce themselves.

It is important that we know who the person is you are interviewing, where they are from and hold old they are.

Step 4: Once your interview is complete, hit stop. Then snap a picture!

Once you have got your audio interview – get on the camera feature on your phone and take a picture of your interviewee. Just a nice head and shoulders shot – or one of them doing something relating to the interview.

Step 5: Send it all to us at King Lambie Productions!

You should then send your audio file to – we will then tidy up your interview (cut any silence out) and put it in the right format and stick it up on our #100faces website for all to see.

Make sure you check to make sure it has made it up on the site. Share it with your friends and encourage your interviewee to interview someone themselves.

Good luck!